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Business is one of the most important factors to effect development of a country, it provides the real strength for economical growth of country. But, like everything there should be identification for business, for that in India for developing a business we need to form a company. Company gives you identity for a business; a company can define type of business and can also define their address. Like, Gujrat textile ltd. It defines the work as well as region of the company.


Company name is the first impression for every business, some time company or brand name of a product changes the product name as only brand name. In India there are number of way to register the company, like proprietorship, partnership, private limited and limited. This all depends upon requirement of business and scope of business. A private limited company has their separate identification number and that is known as company identification number (CIN), and same for limited company.

In different states there is different parameter to establish a company, this depends upon availability of raw material, climate according to the products and man power.  In India there are four basic season, number of different type of soil climate and so as product.
So, some time company name matters on each and every thing mentioned above. It also elaborates the region or state with their identity.